Hot grillz LF Hot guys with hot skillz

So me and my sister decided to create a ranked team (5s) , we'd like people who can be here daily or at least 3 times a week. We were both Diamond S4, Plat this season, You need to be minimum Plat with a decent amount of games (not with 300 games, like really ? ), and have been diamond last season. We already have : A midlaner - **Master S5- Challenger S4** A support - **Plat I S5- Diamond II S4** ADC- **Plat III S5 -Diamond V S4** We are looking for a Jungler or Top. You need to be a very handsome guy, with good personality and humor as in you will have to deal with 2 girls in the team who will be sad and sometimes depressed ( period you know) so you need to be here to comfort us, and carry us. If you are a person that loose his temper pretty quick then you shouldn't apply since we love to joke around and have a special kind of humor. Mainly looking to have a good time with mates but also play seriously as we are aiming for at least Diamond V. For more information you can add me or my sister In Game : DinkyDinkelson Naughty Kïtty
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