Dia1/Master Midlaner and Plat 3 Support looking for members for Ranked Team 5v5/3v3

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**NOTE: This won't be a Ranked team started from Unranked, this is a currently Platinum 1 Ranked Team in 5v5 Category.** Hello, me and my friend are looking for team members, Dia4+, for the following roles: **Toplane; ADC; Jungle ** **Casual Requirements:** ->Good mindset, which means: No flaming, Positive attitude throughout the whole game, Good game analysis, and also capable of constructive criticism ->Available at least 2 times per week(+weekends) ->Aiming to get at least Diamond3 in Ranked5v5 and aiming to participate in tournaments (such as like Go4LoL,etc) **Rank Requirements:** ->Diamond 4 or above -> 1. For 5v5: - 5v5 Ranked Experience 2. For 3v3: - 3v3 Ranked Experience If you fulfill the requirements, add me ingame and we'll give you a try with the current members. IGN: Dreaming Good luck in the fields of Justice, _Dreaming_

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