Team DangerLine In Need Of A Active Jungler

Hello, we are a silver team currently looking for a jungler, We are an ambitious team with calm, fun, talkative members looking to rise to higher elos. Atm we are experimenting with our team with things like compositions, champions and etc. And we currently formed a certain comp in which we seek junglers, that can preferably play decently, or good with amumu or kha'zix, this is not a must though but it is a nice bonus. We have a philosophy that the key to winning is objectives(towers,dragon,baron),planning strategies like warding, ss and things like that, rather than kill chasing. And most of all good teamfights. But we are a silver team still learning and looking for worthy members into our humble clan. So if you're interested leave a reply below. And i will check it out tommorow. You can also check out our website where u can sign up and snoop around. But at the moment due to unfortunate circumstances the website is in maintenance. So some important features of it like the recruitment page are not working. That's about it. PLease apply via website linked above. Thanks TDL Crunch
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