Simplexity Gaming Recruiting first League of Legends team [S][5v5]

Simplexity Gaming is a new up and coming eSports team based in the UK. We currently have 1 dedicated CS:GO Team and are looking to expand out into the Fields of Justice, League of Legends. As an organisation we are keen to see the scene grow and ultimately become the biggest name in UK eSports. We offer a support team made up of gamers like you, they’re in place to deal with all the business side of things such as organising events, training schedules for teams and arranging future sponsorships. There will also be a dedicated coach who is there to help improve the team on both an individual and collective levels. The coach is also there to improve strategy and theorycrafting with the team. Simplexity Gaming offers a dedicated Team Speak server where the team can group up to have a better chance when playing together. As well as where any team meetings are held to discuss tactics and approaches to the game. All positions are currently available, so if you think you have what it takes to be the next best Top Lane, Jungle, Mid Lane or Bot Lane in the UK then please apply. Requirements are posted below:  UK Residency.  Minimum 4 days a week scheduled training, plus outside practise.  Minimum Solo Queue rank of Diamond V.  Must be able to attend LANs such as Insomnia and Epic.Lan Bonuses for those with:  A passion for League of Legends and UK eSports.  Experience in competitive eSports.  Stream on, Azubu or any other high profile streaming website.  Confident and Articulate. We are accepting applications from individuals or pre-made teams. Once all applications have been reviewed we will invite some of you back for try outs and selection. The first trial will be held Monday 8th June 20:00 (GMT), followed by 2 more sessions in the week. Please apply in the comment section below. Thank you. Website: Facebook: Twitter:
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