LF a kind of teacher who would teach me or a good community

Hello fellow reader, I am Icemarch from EUNE a silver scrub who would want to improve himself both as a player and as a person. I am playing solo and I don`t have friendly community to play with and enjoy the game of League of Legends to it`s fullest in the nasty dungeons of toxic SoloQ with bad and flaming people (there are players whose hearts are made of gold and are friendly, but few). I am a bad player, I am going to admit this, after almost 3 years of playing I admit that I am a hell bad of a player and a person. I fail in my main role jungle a lot, always get flamed and blamed for all the bad work (why i am not following mid laner in to 3v2 for a death, why am i not ganking that lane, when I am ganking the other parts of the map etc.) I am getting tired of it and I want to make a change. I don`t know the method for this, tried this in the past but almost no results. So I am asking those kind hearted who are willing to help me, pls help me. Bring me in a community, teach me or break my hand if it is necessary. I would like to enjoy this game, but I cannot and in my opinion it is because I cannot play with a joyful team or I am too bad to carry soloQ and make an end for the mockings. So fellow reader if it made any sense to you, contact me. If it bored you, then why did you even read it this far :D, but sorry I am wishing a wondeful day for you and thanks for reading P.S.: Pls Chaosvanguard don`t post under my discussion, I know what you are for, I tried it there and couldn`t make it far, because I tried to get to play with others, but none was really interested of me.
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