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[](http://orig08.deviantart.net/5925/f/2013/321/b/7/popstar_ahri__by_goomrrat-d6ukkq1.jpg) **Welcome to Freya!** Thank you for reading this post! Our community was founded only a few days ago but we have been growing faster than I would have ever imagined. We have around 50 people gaming with Freya Daily and we want you to join the party! Free Vodka and Pizza for any one who joins! Our group of gamers not only love to play League of Legends but also enjoy games such as CSGO and Town of Salem! We hope you hop on our teamspeak and game with us! **What Freya offers to her members!** 1. Freya offers Free coaching from a former lcs player to all players and ranked teams! 2. Freya helps any member that is looking for a ranked team find a team regardless of the members rank. 3. Freya offers a competitive and casual gaming environment for all her members. 4. All members and staff have equal say for what happens in the community. 5. Any one is welcome to apply to become a staff member! We are currently looking for Moderators, Recruiters, Coaches, Web admins and Event planners to help make Freya a wonderful place to game! 6. We offer Support for any new streamers that are trying to make it into the streaming world! We have many people that would be interested in gaming with a streamer as well as taking a look at their stream! **Why is Freya different than your Typical Main stream Community?** 1. No sign up process. We think its silly to have a forums when you can just talk to people on teamspeak. Most of the time when communities force you to sign up for their forums or website, members very rarely use it. Having no sign up process makes us very easy to join! 2. No Trial process. A lot of the mainstream communities have a trial process where you are a trial member for a few weeks and you have to create a profile page on their website where members can up vote or down vote. There are a few clans that can refuse membership to you if you fail the trial process due to inactivity or not being liked by certain people. I never liked systems like that because not everyone can be active due to real life situations and there will always be people that you do not get along with. 3. We have a strong coaching department! Other communities may say they have a good coaching department but none have one as good as Freya! Other communities make you wait days to have a coaching session and most the time the coach is new or inexperienced. I coach you instantly and I have lcs experience in coaching! As long as the student is listening to what I say, I guarantee results in less than 2 weeks of working with me! **How do I join Freya!** Hop on our teamspeak @ We hope you join us! Remember that you get free Vodka and Pizza for joining!
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