Friendly and Small Community lile CG! [Spazie, Acclamator, you name it!]

**You want a Friendly Community like CG has? Build it with me! EUW ** So i know some of you guys derping around here want to join CG. Bash that out of your head, random people wont get close to being in there. But i know your feels, i want to have a gaming community like CG has, too! Just playing with friends, having fun and not be driven by restrictions like big clans have. Heres my plan: Im searching for you guys, who want a familiar feel and group to play games like LoL but also other games around there, but mainly League :) It will be a closed and rather small community, but i need some guys to start it, so if you're lucky and want to join first you're definitely in! =) I need people who are willing to do this, im not forcing anyone, but joining then leaving after a few hours or days is not the plan of having a close and strong community. This will be non an non rage-y and funny environment, who people pöay, laugh and sometimes mess wth each other, but everyone knows its for the jokes sake :)** NON TOXIC** (Just like Spazies Epic Moments) If you are intrested in having an awesome gaming group like CG has, drop me a Message on League [_Lynneau_], Steam [_Lynneau_], Gmail _lynere111@gmail.com_ or Twitter! @_LynexTC_ We'll then work out how to name our community and what we want to achieve, lets go. guys! Lets build up something **great**! :) **EDIT:** You should speak english in an understandable way and have access to Teamspeak or voice software, we want to communicate and get to know each other :)
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