[Club] Botlane Bling - Find your Other Half in the Botlane

http://n3rdbomber.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/bot-lane.jpg --- #Welcome Imagine this club as a hookup site, but it's League and you're looking for a duo partner in botlane instead of a duo partner in bed. Simply type what role you're looking for in the club chat and what rank you are, and hopefully you'll find a match! If you're either an ADC or a support main and you want to climb the ladder with a premade then this is a great club to join! It's also a place to socialize and discuss the everyday life of playing in the most fun lane of the Rift. Not to mention the rad BL1NG tag you'll be able to show off in-game to intimidate your enemies... There isn't any ELO restriction to join, as I envision players of all skill levels in ranked to be able to be members and find others to duo with. And last time I checked, being higher ranked doesn't necessarily mean being more fun to chat with. ;) --- #Rules There are a few quick rulings so that there are no misunderstandings and so that we can maintain a positive and fun atmosphere in the club: * Have either Marksman or Support as a preferable role - With the club's botlane theme we want you to like playing (or learning) at least one of those roles * Be at least Level 30 - As the focus of the club is to find duo partners it is preferable if all members are eligable for Ranked Play * English is the language of choice in chat * Try to keep a positive attitude and be respectful towards each other --- #So join today! I go online at least daily at irregular times, so if you add me you're sure to be accepted onto the club's Waiting List (read Update 2) within 24 hours. Send Friend Request to: **FunkySupport** --- #Update 1 There are over 30 members now in the club, which is great to see! I'm taking a short break in recruiting as I want to recalculate how many supports and how many ADCs are club members, and how many of each are needed for us to have a roughly equal role distribution (the maximum member amount Riot has set currently is 50). I'll write here when the recruitment continues! --- #Update 2 So now we're at the member cap, 50 people. There still is a chance for you to get in though! Inevitably some people will drop out of the club further down the line, and as soon as there is space for another Marksman or Support main I will invite the first in line on a Waiting List of people. Just add me like normal and I'll put you on the list, and eventually you'll get into the club. The ones who apply first will be first on the list, and thus it goes on. Thank you for the overwhelming interest shown, my client crashed multiple times trying to handle all friend requests and chat windows, haha. Good luck in Botlane!
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