LF mid/adc/supp (girls team)

{{sticker:vlad-salute}} Im Eline, 23 years old from the Netherlands. Lately im playing lots of soloq and I miss playing together with other people. In the past I was invited to a few all-girls teams and it was super fun. I was toplaner in my past teams and would like to pick it up again. I found already a jgler, so we are still looking for a midlaner adc and support. Our focus is to improve, so if you feel like this is something for you read down below. What we looking for: -female -16+ yrs old -is prepared to spend atleast 2 evenings a week together -has a working mic -speaks english -no raging -gold + elo (were going to focus on flex for next season) PM me in game Avivi or leave a comment down below.
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