We are looking for a top laner !

Hello ! I'm looking for a serious top lane who will be interesting to play with a team! Information for the team: - Silver IV ( one game to promotion series for Silver III ) - Team player divisions : - Jungle - Gold V - Support - Gold II - Middle lane - Platinum I - Marksman - Silver II - Top lane - Diamond V ( need replacement, because he doesn't have the time to play with us. ) - When do we play? - We play every day at 21:00 ( GMT+3 ) Rules: - Speak English - Communication - Listen to calls / Making calls - Skype/Team speak - To be able to play at 21:00 ( GMT +3 ) - To be nice and friendly If you are interested please fill the application: - In game name: - Division: - Main roles: - Main champions: - Strength and Weakness: - Why should we take you and not someone else: - Do you agree with the rules: Yes or No : If you are interested please fill the application & add me in the game :) Peace !

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