7Swords looking for Top laner

Hello everyone, My new community 7Swords (7S) is currently looking for a Top laner for one of the 2 associated twin ranked teams (7Swords/7Shields). 7Shields is already up and running with a full roster, 7Swords however is not and that is the team for which we are looking the Top laner for, we also have tryouts open for jungle and support however we have a much bigger need of top laners right now. We want this team to play in a serious, friendly, environment between the players, we ask for maturity, effort/commitment and a positive mindset (cooperation, the desire to improve and learn whether that is from yourself and/or from others). We intend to play very actively with a schedule that suits everyone. So to cut it short, only apply if you: - Can play according to a schedule. - Are available during multiple evenings. - Have a working microphone. - Are able to join online tournaments occasionally. - Have a mature and positive in-game attitude. - Are gold elo or higher. If you are interested and you believe you meet these requirements please add me in-game (Vergon) and say hi, I will pick who to tryout based on our first conversation and schedule some of said tryout games which should occur in the next day or so. Thank you, have a nice day :)
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