BRONZE Bot/Supp/Top needed for premade! (LETS CLIMB THE LADDER)

Me and my bro vikz44 are experiencing heavy tilt during ranked, we've discovered that most of the time it is us carrying the team, We are both in bronze tier currently ;'(, however we know that if we had a strong premade with good communication skills we will be able to climb the ladder and atleast reach gold. Since we are bronze i know people may not take this post seriously but i know there must be some bronze players out there who thrive to climb the ladder, lets do it together. Entry Requirements: - Must own a few champs for your chosen lane - Must be able to stick to schedule - Must be able to use voice chat via Curse. IF YOUR INTERESTED... Add me and vikz44 in game and reply to this post here Vikz mains Diana/Yi I main Orianna/Ahri (SIDE NOTE: I Secondary Support so if there is a player who enjoys both mid and support we can take turns :P)
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