Lf tryouts for team to play in tournaments. (Top)

Hey there, il be looking for tryouts to play with for the coming 3 days. il be trying out 4 people per role, so im not trying out everyone if one role is very popular. A little bit about me: I am 18 years old from the Netherlands and am currently in gold 3 (Gold 1 s5) Ive played league for about 2 years now. Played seriously for about 1,5 years. I enjoy playing the game competitivly, i dont enjoy playing casually, but having fun is very important. I have had decent succes in tournaments recently won 900rp. Besides that i have alot experience in teams. We will be participating in tournaments with RP prizes as well as play 5 man dynamic que for practice. The goal is to be decently succesful in tournaments as well as have fun in the tournaments and practice, obviously another goal is to improve as a team generally. I am looking for players that can commit to the team and have fun in playing the game competitivly. Below are some basic requirements: - Be nice, flamerino and negative attitude is not accepted. - At least ranked gold and have good experience with the game. - Be able to give and take some critisism. - You must be at least 16 years old. - If you are platinum 5 you must have a smurf in gold/silver or we cannot play with you. (not accepting anyone higher than platinum 5 atm.) - Be able to follow calls. Be able to keep a positive attitude even when we are losing, be able to focus on the next play and what we can do not what we cant do, this is important to keep the teams moral up in general. In terms of organisation i am in contact with a diamond 5 coach, and i have a team file set up in google documents, which il also be using for the tryouts. Lastly im talking to some scrim teams. Were using discord for voice chat, the client version is alot better than the browser. Over the next 3 days you will be able to tryout for the team, there will be 16 tryouts, 4 for each role. we will have somewhat of a schedule for tryouts but besides that the more you play with me saturday, sunday and monday the more chance you have. I will also just talk to some people. If you have experience with tournaments, organising the team, shotcalling or anything else important please do tell me. im also looking for 2 subs that can cover all 5 roles together. Feel free to add me ingame {{summoner:4}}
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