Looking for Flex partner(s), currently B1 in Flex, main support [EUW]

Hello ladies and gentleman, I'm looking for a decent partner or even partners for flex queue games. About me: *Last season gold 5 Main support Mostly play Zyra, Leona, Nami, Karma I can also play Top or Mid, but after 4 seasons(and counting) of supporting i won't recommend myself for other roles Started playing from season 3* Searching for someone who: *Knows champ mechanics, and won't test champs/builds in flex Knows that not only kills, but objectives matters too and won't chase enemy through half of the map and won't die for god knows why, while possibly could take a turret or two Is at least 18 years old (also I'm not patient for childish attitude) Not toxic as hell (we all have bad days, but not 365 days in a year and not all the time) Could write/speak English, it shouldn't be fluent, but at least that everyone else could understand Sense of humor wouldn't be wooden like Maokais saplings Could learn from mistakes and improve* Also if you have some questions ask me in the comments. P.s. Carrying me is not an easy job, so every year i will pay you with Poro cookies {{item:2054}} dipped in genuine {{champion:17}} blood. (Yummy)
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