Lets make a team!

Hello fellow summoner! I’m Gjjustin01 and i would like to start a team to have a lot of fun while also playing the game. I’m only b5 but i just want to have a lot of fun and really improve in the game as i’m a serious player and i’m sick of playing alone. I'm looking preferably for people who: - Want to have fun in the game but also want to seriously climb - Can speak fluent English - Preferably use Discord and have a decent mic - I dont really care about your rank. Its okay if youre a decent player and low rank, because i want to improve as well and random teammates aren't always reliable. - Can play 2-3 times a week at 7 pm CET untill 10 pm CET Please leave a comment or add me in-game: gjjustin01 and i will add you tonight and we can play a few games as 'trial' and stuff. you know the drill :P

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