Looking for a jungler in our new line-up (Platinium and more !) [SERIOUS PROJECT]

Hey, everyone ! Today, we're looking for a jungler, to complete our line-up, let me speak a bit about our project : We are not pro players, (between Gold II and Diamond V, actually), but I think there is a huge difference between solo/duoQ level, really personnal skill, and teamplay. Also, our objective is to progress together, play, train, and do some tournaments too, the farthest we will go, the better it will be. The project came to me with a friend, I'm the midlaner, and he's adc, we started by searching the support, we tought it was the better way to begin, a support with the same language than the adc, to have a better communication, after that, we found our toplaner, and the reason we decided to chose the jungler in last is simple, the jungler have to be "the good one" for everyone in the team, he's like the centre of the team, so, the recruitement phase for him will be harder, and more complete. Before all, I want to announce you we will soon have some things, our special website, and a private ts3 channel, because our line-up will be a team in a bigger structure. Now, I hope you're motivated, and you want to join us, if I'm right, you have two ways to do it : - Send me a mail, Guillaume.Potin.95@hotmail.fr, and stay active on. - Add me in game, so we can talk about it. I don't know when this phase will be over, we need many profiles to have choice, and take the better one for us. So stay available for questions, and maybe some games to see how you are in situation. Thanks if you fully read this and good luck ! Sorry if I did some mistakes, I'm still not a pro in english ;).
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