[EUW] - Professional Slayers (Team) - for silver- gold - plat players

**We are Professional Slayers Team, Our goal is to be Ranked in a Higher Elo - and to progress out from silver as well. ** If you are thinking of joining our Community, You should join a Squad or create your own Squad in our Discord, So that you can play with Teammates in order to get better and grow together and climb to higher Elo as well To Apply, Please Read the Following Rules **Carefully**: 1. minimum rank to join us, is **Silver V** ( but we might accept **Bronze 1** Rank if player is **active**) 2. Do not feed on **purpose**, troll on your team mates, AFK on purpose,flame to your teammates, or being toxic/rude to others out side the community** if your going to use our (ProSl) club tag in Game**. 3. **Communicate **with chat or discord, also you must be online in discord but you do not have to speak in voice channel if you can't, as long as you can listen and coordinate. 4. Become a **valued **Member by Staying Active in Discord and our Club in the game. 5. Do not join if your not going to follow our **Team rules for better behaviour**. **Comment down below your IGN (In Game Name) and your main role & rank or add me on EUW: boss pak** _ Lets have fun together than playing alone._ _We have 38 members...._

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