EUW New Silver/Gold Team (Today!) - Community Based, Consistent Practices!

Please appreciate that a lot of people contact me, I attempt to help those who I can ^^; on occasion I may be slower to respond. New Ranked Team - Forming Later this Afternoon/Evening - Will start Gathering at around 5pm GMT (British Time) We're putting a Gold/Plat Team together TODAY! We have Coaches and Managers who will step out as we fill roles so we're currently looking for; Top Mid Jungle ADC Support Substitute (Can only play some practices) Substitute (Can only play some practices) If the role your looking for is filled or you don't quite meet this Rank, let us know as we may have a vacancy in one of our others teams We're also looking for a potential Team Leader, to liaise with us as we help you to develop as a team :) Tactical Gaming is a professional, mature and experienced community managing a variety of competitive teams across 15 games, covering all console and PC platforms. Our League of Legends Division consists of 40 EUW competitive teams, ranging from Unranked through to Diamond tier. We've been successfully matchmaking people together for the last 3 years with the passion that we want to develop, learn and experience quality team games (and hopefully win a few too ;)! We ask that those that are interested can; Be mature in team situations, Commit to regular training practices (Sundays + Wednesdays 7pm - 9pm GMT) Have a working microphone and have access to Team-speak. Be ready for critical feedback In return we can offer you a professional, structured team environment with amazing people, with opportunities to develop your Teamwork, Leadership and Competitive skills. Internal/External Seasonal Ladders Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities Access to an amazing community of mature, developing Esports gamers. A consistent Roster, Practice schedule and Development Plan! Graphics Design Team Sponsorship Opportunities Interested? Drop me an add on League or Pop me a message on this topic :)! Look forward to speaking with you this evening ^^ Happy New Year! Sole
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