G3 Support LF Team/Flex/Duo

Hi guys, I'm currently ranked G3. I have an awful W/L at the minute. However, I believe my play does not do my current rank justice. My ELO has taken a serious hit, but, these things are easily fixed. I don't feed, I have a very low average deaths per game (4-), I have a high KPA and high KDA's throughout. I understand macroplay, I understand the importance of warding and I understand the importance of positioning. I do not rage. I expect the same from you. I've played to Plat 1, so if you're already in Plat then that's a massive bonus. I'm 25, so please be of a similar age (don't add me if you're 14, sorry). I do use voice, however, if you are against using it then that is fine by me. Add me in game or message on here for a chat. Thanks.
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