[EUW][LF][Diamond +] Team Vindictive Gaming - Looking for main TOP/ADC/SUPPORT

Greetings Community Vindictive Gaming is looking for Players (D4+) Our Aim: Since we are newly formed team our goals are small. We would like to achieve MASTER flex rank as a team, we will also be taking part in tournaments and scimming to improve as a team. What we are looking for: We are looking for players who want to be semi serious and who wants to improve as team, We need players who will be loyal to the team, who will take criticism and who will not give up. Part of being in a team means we will face a lot of wins and a lot of defeats but how do you improve if you don't lose games? Therefore we need players who is willing to learn from that and stay strong instead of giving up. You must be at least Platinum + in FLEX rank in order to play with the team. Open Postions : TOP/SUPPORT/ADC Currently: Mid (D3 ex Challenger) Jungle (D4) Looking for: Support (D4+) ADC (D4+) Top (D4+) What you should bring with u : -> Reliability -> Time for Practice atleast 3 Times a Week -> Team ability -> min. age of 18 -> Discord -> Team experience pref if you don't have any it's not a problem We offer : -> Establishing yourself in a competitive team -> Division management and functioning infrastructure -> All organizational processes are taken over by the organization -> Further details can be discussed in detail -> Coach who will analyse all our games and give us feedback You are interested or would like to know more? Contact me ingame! Client-Add: Aa Kha Lee Website - http://vindictivegaming.wixsite.com/loleuw Best Regards
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