[Diamond+] Excelling eSports Competitive Team LF Skilled Midlaner

Hello, I'm the manager and owner of the Excelling eSports League of Legends team, currently we're searching for a skilled mid laner who has the ambition and dedication to match our current roster. The team itself consists of several skilled individuals, but due to recent roster changes, we're currently looking for young fresh blood. **As a mid laner you will be expected to have:** _-Previous Ranked 5s Experience- -Previous tournament experience- -Shot calling Experience- -Be Diamond 4 or higher- -Be able to adapt to the meta- -Be able to take criticism from our coach & analyst-_ If you think you're the mid laner our team is looking for & you are D4+, please fill out the form **below.** Elo S2: Division S3: Division S4: Age: Country: Past experience in competitive play (Cups, tournies): Can you adapt to different metas?: Can you give and take criticism?: What are you favourite meta midlaners?: How much time do you spend on LoL weekly?: Are you able to shot call?: Why should we pick YOU?: I will not accept any friend requests I receive in-game, I'll add you and ask further questions if we're interested.
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