From the Bronze to Diamond?

Hello guys! I'm starting a new ranked 5 v 5 team! You have seen many posts like mine but I hope this will be different. At least I will make the best to be a different team. - So... First of all I want to be clear that we will have a schedule in witch we will have the days and the hours in which we will practice ( normal games ( Drafts ) and playing ranked 5 v 5 teams. I will let some information about me: IGN: Capt Flipzzy Division : S4 - Gold / S5 - Gold / S6- Silver 5 Nationality: Bulgaria Role: Middle Main Champs: LeBlanc / Oriana / Ahri / Lulu / Lux Strongmen: Good focus / Control the map / Team play / Weakness: Sometimes i get too greedy It doesn't matter what division you are! I will test everyone! Add me in game if you are interested. Peace !
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