Coaching Rant, about its downsides for experienced coaches and the poor infrastructure.

Hi my IGN is Hebs guard and I have coached league for 3 years now. I started out as many other coaches by doing free coaching and doing a lot of research about the game. As time progressed I ended up coaching my first team. This team had players from plat to high diamond, after this I got eucated in the craft og coaching by DremerZ coach called MVA at the time. After this i used my new coaching skills and kept on coaching for a lot of different teams, with ranks from dia to low challenger. Enough talk about me, the problem we face today as coaches are the lag of infrastructure and the idea that everyone can call the self a coach. Don't get me wrong a free coach can help people, but often people who come to a coach for help is disappointed because this free "coach" might not have a lot of experience with coaching. Because of this, the client who didn't enjoy the lesson, will tell other peoples that coaches are a waste of time. This is dangerous for people who have coached for many years and know what they are worth. This is because often newcommers to the coaching lessons have the mindset that every coach is the same. A lot of people want to get paied for what we are doing, and we have used a lot of time studying the game and learn how to speak to players in the right way. Short version: Clients like cheep coaches, but think because the first coach they had didn't help them the rest can't either. To add a layer of ethos to this rant I have a personal story from earlier coaching days that took a toll on me. When I coached individual actively I used to take around 30$ per lesson. I had gained a Few customers who paid me monthly kind of like a fitness subscription. Well, i talked to this new student of mine, who told me he had been a client for a lot of coaches but haven't improved. I asked him who had been coaching him and he mentioned a few names I had heard before on the subreddit. He told me that they have told him things that he did well, but not really what to improve on. I coached this guy for a few weeks and he improve a lot and was glad that coached him the way i did. My usual way of coaching is to go over a game with my client and then give them a lot of information. I know that they won't be able to remember everything which is why I love to be a long-term coach for them. Imo you need to see the coaching like football or any other kind of sport, you cant change a player in one day, or at least not to the extent they often would like. The infrastructure as it is right now is not helping coaches to succeed. This is because it's more about how good you are at advertising yourself than it's perfecting your craft. f.eks. I've had a greater time getting new students when only improving my advertising, than the weeks I spent plus 10 hours a day looking at vods. This is a very bad thing for the community because coaches should use their valuable time learning to get costumers, no they need to use the time studying their craft! This is a huge problem for us coaches and I would really like to solve this problem one way or another! If any of you guys have any good ideas or interested in cooperating hit me up! Hebsgaard#0599 Discord Sorry for my bad english.
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