[EUW] Synergy 5v5 Tournament #5 | RP Prizes & Special Rewards! This Saturday!

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--------------- **Want to compete for amazing prizes with your best friends? Looking for a team? Are you alone and want to prove yourself under competitive terms? Every week. Over 30 Teams. Over 150 players compete in our tournaments! Show them what you got! Become Victorious!** #**Date & Time: Saturday, May 5th 2018. 18.00 CEST! ** #**Teams & Free agents allowed to sign up! Don't miss out!** . #**FINALS ARE GONNA BE LIVE-STREAMED!** --------------- #**Requirements** * **Discord** is the main communication source in order to communicate with your team. **Microphone is a must** * **You** need to be open-minded, critism about your gameplay might happen, champion pool and others may change in order to bring the best out of the team, It's all about improvement! * **We** expect you to have **fun** It's just a game in the end! * Normally it's an English speaking community, but if you have a team that speaks your native language it's totally acceptable! --------------- #**If you already got a team!** **We're gonna use Battlefy as our registration source, so if you got a team, Simply register on Battlefy & Create your team!** https://battlefy.com/ After that, register your team to the tournament! https://battlefy.com/esport-synergy/esport-synergy-summoners-rift-5-%5Btournament-draft%5D-%5B5v5%5D-%5Beuw%5D/5ae0aaaf14123103463fcd43/info?infoTab=details --------------- #**How to Join & Apply for the team** Your very first step begins with joining the community itself, we will be explaining how things works, as we're gonna help you find a perfect team! **Esport Synergy** https://discord.gg/S4J53v4 **Official Esport Synergy Discord** https://discord.gg/rz2ZVHk ** Esport Synergy Tournaments** #**Check out our previous finals!** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa7Ixmk4NCc&t=13s ---------------
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