Looking for a duo partner to get to gold

Hello my name is SenseySaitama and I need someone to duo with me to get to gold.*I was b5 at the beginning of the season and climbed all the way to s2,so closee to s1 but i deranked after some games to s3.* I am curently s3 90+ lp and was s2 about a week ago,I am from Romania I speak english pretty well and I am generally not toxic. Things you should be aware: 1.I dont care what role you play but I would prefer something that has an impact on the game. 2.I am a yasuo main,590k,but I can play anything except adc.*I will let you mid if you main mid*. 3.As long as you are good I will play with you even if you are b5. 4.I dont like being premade bot,because supp doesnt have a big impact but I would if the adc is good enough.
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