Foresight Alliance is recruiting!

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Hello Summoners. Foresight Alliance is a EUW community that looks to strive in the League of Legends community! We look to offer a safe, positive and fun environment for you to enjoy playing games with friends and meet new people. You can expect mature, relaxed and fun people to play with here at Foresight. **What to expect from us:** * Events * Coaching (if you'd like) * In-houses * Amazing people to play with! **Requirements to join:** - Have a working microphone. - Have Discord installed or be willing to install it. We use Discord as our main source of communication, both voice and text chat. (If you have a speech or hearing impairment, join our Discord server and message a mod, they will unlock the server for you. - Must be able to understand and speak understandable English. **How to join:** It's very easy! Just join our Discord server: . Feel free to message a moderator or above if you have any questions. We are always willing to help! If you have any questions before applying feel free to add: **Monticorvo** [League] and I will reply as quickly as possible! We look forward to battling along side you on the Rift!
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