Gold 3 AD-Carry searching for a Ranked Team

Hey there, Main AD-Carry, currently Gold 3, searches a ranked team, some guys who want to practice regulary and tries to get better. **Informations about me:** - I´m 20 years old - Played since season one with over 1100 Wins in Normal and way to many ranked games - Was last season Platinum - Got Ts, but dont own a server. - Also have skype - My main champions are {{champion:42}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}} - I already played in some teams, mostly casual and never on any tournaments. **Some facts about my playstile** I am a calm and steady player, who normally never rages, until now. Although i like it to play quite aggressivly, I would certainly know with my core champions the right timing. I like it to get usefull criticism and have no problem to take it. If you think, that i could be a part of your team the just add me ingame Username: Rodrigo El Cid Would like to hear from you guys! See you later!

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