Looking for a Plat 3+ Top Laner For Ranked 5's (Very Active)

looking for a top laner to try out, you MUST be active and we are playing everyday at the moment, we do currently have a top laner but we want to try out a few more top laners then make our decision, comment here if your interested and give me some more information... i.e. IGN: Where are you from?: SoloQ Elo: Champion Pool: What are you looking for in a team? If you are looking for a serious team that plays to improve this is the team, we tend to go over the last game together and see what we could have done better, this is to improve as a team and individually. Of course we are not aiming for LCS Blah Blah Blah but we like to take things seriously and tryhard and we are looking to enter tournaments in the near future once we have found a solid top laner. At the moment we have 4 players from the UK and one from Austria, so you must be able to speak good English! we use TeamSpeak FYI. Thanks for reading!, Have a good day!

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