[D1+] Team Lucky 7 Reforming LF Top, Jungle, Support

Hey, we are a team that dates back to more than a year ago and after a while we decided to start again this time though with much more experience :) Requirements: 1. Friendly and pleasant behaviour, we are looking for people who aren't just good players but also fun to play and interact with. 2. Clear microphone, must. 3. Decent english 4. Decent champion pool and willing to adjust to the meta, learn new picks etc. 5. Professional attitude, must. We are strict on this one because unless it is fulfilled the whole team is being held back. Would be good to have: 1. Past experience with 5v5 teams and tournaments, but we would be happy to welcome new people to the competitive scene if they the above requirements are met adequately Add L7 Justice or me in game if you are interested.
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