Coach looking for a team

Hi, My name is Elias and I'm looking for a team to coach. Yes this will be my first team but I have a lot of knowledge in every aspect of coaching and League of Legends and as the team improves I will also. I would prefer a team that has been together for a while and are looking to get to the next level and I also have references if for some reason you really want them. I am open to being a full time coach or being the Gordon Ramsay of League of Legends and being a quick fix to your nightmares. While I don't charge at the moment any kind of voluntary payment would be greatly appreciated, but as I said voluntary. I am personally from the UK and have a lot of time. I will probably be putting in around 6 hours per day reviewing vods (not including my study time or practice), learning about the team and making a plan for improvement. I will also advise management and players on both in-game, interpersonal and irl topics if needed. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to hear back from you. Discord: Rai#8650 IGN: Dage TL;DR UK Coach looking for a team.
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