Looking For A Gold Jungler To Join Our Team.

Hey Community, We are already a 4 man team. We are looking for jungler to complete our team. We're looking for a Gold/Plat ranked Jungle. We want someone with game knowledge and that knows how to play with a team! We are not a troll/have fun team! We have a work hard/ have fun mindset! We play to be the best that we can. What you need: Aged 18+ Discord A working mic Really good English Positive attitude Requirements: Jungle: Map awareness, communication, helping out with shotcalling and prescense on the map If you are interested, and meet all requirements leave us your League of Legends Summoner Name, Role and Rank in a comment and we will get back to you ASAP. Do not ADD me we will add you! GL HF! Balatobieyo
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