Looking for an ADC main to practice with before season 6 starts.

I'm looking for an ADC main to practice with in normals before the start of season 6 ( I will be playing support ). I myself main the ADC role and have claimed up to diamond over multiple accounts while maining that role, now I want to master the support role to better understand the bot lane. I'm using a new account for season 6 and I'm hoping to claim to diamond again with a partner or two. I will be playing the supports that are in the meta, so atm champions such as {{champion:412}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:12}} I must saying I am not looking to duo with any random person, there are a few things I look for in an ADC and they are, You can last hit 95% of all creeps while not being harassed / zoned You know how to freeze and understand what to do while freezing You know your match ups and what to do in those matchups You know how to play while the enemy team has TP / Globals available. You understand how to fight level 1 / 2 And finally, you know how to position / skirmish & team fight If you have the intentions of reaching diamond in season 6 and want to partner up with a support feel free to add me in game.
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