[EUNE] Forming a serious team

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**Looking for players** --- **Hello, Summoners!** My name is Dennis, I am 24 y.o. and I am forming a seriously aimed team, this also means some strict requirements appear. But first of all, it is necessary to remind, it is not an average ranked ladder team, where you are doing matches non-stop mode. So if you are enthusiastic, mature, game-experienced or talented, we can try to share our goals. Requirements: 1) To be at least **Gold II** soloQ (_This doesn't mean, I am not gonna test, whoever is little lower, but notice that in this occasion your stats should be more than great_ ). 2) To have an **active microphone** (_I won't listen any excuses, if you don't have a mic even once, you can't play with the team this time_ ). 3) To be at least **17 y.o.** 4) To be diligent and **always in-time** for practise. 5) To **not be a member of any other team**. These were the major ones, if you find yourself relevant, please fill the form below: 1) Name, Surename 2) IGN (_EUNE_ ) 3) Role (_You are applying for_ ) 4) Country 5) Age 6) Languages 7) Why should we choose you? When you are done, please leave it the comments section and we will reply as soon as possible. We are going to look at your stats and contact you for an interview. The regular schedule and tournament schedule questions are settled up when the main roster is locked. As well as the sub players requirement, be ready to play at least **3 games** per practise day (_1 warmup + 2 regular_ ). Once we take you, there starts your **one week trial**, where we are investigating your attitude and performance. **NOTE:** Each substitute player is a very valuable member of a team, he receives his tasks and works really hard to earn its spot and raise his personal playing level, each of them is fully respected. I wrote it, cause in an average team, substitute players are treated like a garbage. For the detailed info or questions, you are welcome to **contact me via Skype** (Skype name: protaker). Also **Discord channel**. --- At the moment roster looks like this: Top: **Flippy34** Jungle: **FakersTiltedWife** Mid: _vacant_ Support: **Sweeet Girl** AD carry: **on tryouts** Subs: _vacant_ Coach/Analyst: _vacant_ Coach Assistant/Sub roster management: _vacant_ Team Captain: _vacant_ Updates are coming live!
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