Platinum Ranked 5v5 Team LF Top, Mid and Jungle players!

Hello Summoners, my name is Eagle! I am starting a Platinum+ Ranked Team with my friend Elésis! We have been in teams before this in season 4 and have never really had success. We are looking for dedicated members that are motivated to do well and play as often as possible. If you are interested, read the requirements below and add me in game if you have any questions or are interested in joining! * Be above the age of 15. * Be able to communicate at a high level. * Be motivated to do well. * Be able to give and take constructive criticism. * Be confident in your role and ability to play the game. * Be either Platinum or Diamond Tier in SoloQ. * Have Teamspeak 3 as this is what we will use to communicate. * Be able to play often and compete in online tournaments. These are just a few simple requirements and just to reiterate, if you are interested and/or have any further questions, feel free to add me in game or reply to this thread! Thanks for reading, Eagle.
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