Looking for players who would like to team up during the "Team Up Week" or as a ranked team. (EUNE)

Hi! I main Jungle {{champion:77}} and Support{{champion:43}} , but I can fill other roles as well. Because of my job I only play LoL if I have free time (diverse work schedule - reception). Silver 1 at the moment, but have at least an MMR of a Gold 2, which is nice, but can be better with more time. My champion pool right now is only the ones who cost 450 & 1350 IP and Karma, it is because I have 10 rune pages and only started at the end of Season 4. The reason why i play the game is because of the strategic diversety and team & solo dependence during the match. {{item:3800}} That's all for now, if you want to team up, just add me to your friends list. Bye, Leo

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