Oxygen eSports making a silver-gold team

Oxygen eSports is a breath of fresh air, a new community, a Fresh start. I'm building my own team of around Silver, gold elo . What We can provide you: Active members who want to play together 3-5 times a week A Coach and manager Play with a strict schedule To take part in events in the community and just have a fun with other members of our team. Finding new friends, new family, new gaming buddy's. I'm looking to become very close to the people I coach/manage. What we expect from you: Be 16+ or mature enough to behave properly Must be able to Speak English and have a working mic Must be able to play 2 Roles, Be active in the chat if you wish to become a Member of the community. Everyone is welcome If you're interested , Add(Twîsted fate Inc) Our team Roster: Top: Open Jungle: Open Mid: Open ADC: Open Support: Open Sup: Open
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