Looking for fun people to play with

Hey there, didnt know where to put this disscusion exactly...anyway. Nearly plat player is looking for fun people to play with. To make a miserable game still fun or just to do some trolling from time to time. I have a real life and am often a busy guy but i try to enjoy the game as much as i can (although neither I nor anyone else is perfect). Fluent in german and english, so at least one of these languages should be a necessity, because TS3 is something i use and would like my mates to do so as well. Hit me up if you want. Max aka Classicism PS. {{champion:432}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:202}} PSx2. Racism and Homophobia are things i dont want to see anywhere. So please save time for me and you and delete yourself.
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