Because Girls are better !

Hi all, I am looking for a support main around silver/gold and a GIRL ! Yes, I insist. I do think girls are better ;) Currently, I am Gold V and I am training hard on ADC. I can play Tristana, Kalista, Jinx, Lucian and Sivir for now, and of course I will keep working on other, next one is MF then Vayne I think. I am a tryharder and hard trainer, I love to improve myself and to learn new strats. I want to be the best I can be. So, if you are addict to competition and wanna improve yourself as bad as you want to breath, and if you can play Thresh for my Kalista, then add me inGame or comment here, we will train a lot, our goal will be to rush platinum in S6 and perhaps to take part of a team later with a least one or two girls, gender equality means more fun right ? About me : I am 20, student, and French, I do my best in English, I should be able to speak fluently on vocal dw ! See you in Platine soon {{champion:429}} PS: I will be looking for a midlaner girl aswell to create a ranked team, not hurry, but perhaps you will be interested to play in a mixed team :)
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