New team for bronze, silver and gold players

Hello there summoner, I'm planning to create a ranked team consisting of Silver/Gold players who have a positive and serious attitude and are willing to take on this project for the long term. I wish the main goal to be evolving around key concepts such as teamwork (communication, synergy, smart pings, constructive criticism), strategy (synergy between champions, team composition with clearly defined strengths and weaknesses, understanding power peaks) and a mindset saying 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts'. I wish to find fellow summoners who wish to take their individual skills and mechanics of this game to a higher level by adding a new component to the game and truly go into champion select with a strategic plan and playing towards a strategy that abuses the individual teamplayer’s strengths through strong synergy and communication. The ultimate goal is of course to win the game, but the main focus is on practicing, and improving your skills as a teamplayer. If you’re a like-minded player with a positive approach to this game, then I invite you to join me and work together towards a solid team that has the enemy surrendering at 20 minutes. Please read the following carefully if interested. What are the requirements? -You must be ranked under gold 1 in season 6 -You must own at least 50 champions -You need to have a positive attitude and be open to constructive criticism -You need to speak English at a confident level for communication purposes -You need to have a microphone for voice chat. Accordingly, you will need Curse or Skype because that is what I think is best. How do I apply? -You can apply by responding to this thread with the following information: I won't accept any friend requests if you haven't answer these questions. Age: Country: Main Role: Top 3 Champions: Rank: How many champions you have: Anything else you like to say: Hope to see you on the rift as my future teammate!
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