-Hellfire Five- Team, Recruit Clash Players

Our Hellfire Five Clash team recruit players for this Weekend and not only, We look to fill our ADC main spot. Add by following the criteria of a competitive team. 1) Rank Divition: **Gold**+ 2) Voice chat (required):** LoL or Discord,** 3) At least **5 champion** with **Mastery lvl 7** & **80k** each mastery points, for the specific role. ADC. 4)Free time on T**hursday**, **Friday, Saturday,** and before Clash for team _compositions, Games, Workouts,_ 5) Players Respectfully, on the **team** and the **Coach**. 6)** English speaking on chat.{{champion:96}}** ~~tadadadatada tada~~ If you are under this criteria, add me on LoL: ** i HEAL x5.**{{item:3107}} *** we gonna Work with a multi - Lane player as reserve in case of afk, or not in time of event, If the team have a success Clash process, we gonna make a Flex team in the next season, GL and HF:

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