Speedo.P team looking for members

ay we just a group of friends hanging out having fun and all that,altho since everyone in our group is busy most of the time we dont realy have time to hang out much so i tought why not add some people who just wana hang out or have fun or try hard or int we dont realy care what you do as long as everyones cool with it at the time no real rules to follow in speedo.p except just dont assult people for no reasion (unless youre doing it as a joke) also respect other people yeah? we arent restricted to just league ofcorse we play alot of other games like payday,warframe,terraria,minecraft.... basacly any game ya wana try out we wount object to play it with you as long as we have that game and no this isnt some serious club where there are admins since the only real rule is to not be a complete ass to everyone and if you dont get along with someone in the group just dont talk to them if interested click on the link -> https://discord.gg/k5ANK5a and messege the guy whos role is "filthy janna main" and yes we give costom roles wich may or may not be your nickname from then on if there are any questions please ask i dont realy expect to get any members from this oh yeah and were all on eune servers on league just to let you know

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