Looking for Gay club to join (EUNE)

Heyo. Looking for friendly and as least as possible toxic (We all get toxic and frustrated from time to time) gay club to join. Preferably with people who can even joke about it from time to time :) Playing mainly enchanter/mage supports with some weird picks like {{champion:50}} support and few others if it work. *(Last time I played rankeds, which was ages ago I grabbed my ass to Diamond V and got banned for Verbal Abuse due to stress related to getting there)* **Main Supports:** {{champion:16}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:40}}{{champion:516}} {{champion:497}} (When I gather Blue rocks for him finally){{champion:350}} (When she will be playable without flaming after 9.16){{champion:26}} {{champion:89}} (Same like with RAKKKAN, when I get Blue rocks) I play for a long time... (~7 years, so not a newb :)
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