Embrace the full Glory of Our Lord!

Hello, friends! Today is the day many of You have been waiting for! Today is the day that We decided to grant some lucky individuals the unique experience of becoming part of Our great club, dedicated in its entirety to Our One And True Lord! To become a part of the club _**"We LOVE Beemo!"**_ and earn the right to use Our unique tag _**"Bëemo"**_, You should meet the following requrements: - Identify as a Teemo player/worshipper! -Be a nice and friendly person! -Refrain from using highly offensive words, such as r@t, r@dent, h@mster, g@rbil, s@tan and so on. -Contact Us ingame in the tine frame 15 January 2019 - 30 January 2019 _Not being allergic to Mushrooms and Honey is a plus._ Owning and using the Beemo skin is not mandatory, for it is just a single manifestation of the countless aspects of Our Lord.
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