League Of Legends is not a "Game"

It was never meant to be. it is an E-Sport. but still, you and me play it everyday. we look at it like it is a "Game". Skyrim, is a "Game" I used to play it. That was a great game. This is League of Legends. this is like Basketball. we see pros play it on TV, and we play it in our back yard as well. we're not planing on becoming a pro NBA player, we just do it for fun, like a "Game" But as I said before : League of legends is not a game It is meant to be played by a Team against another. Solo q is like a playground for kids, when the big boys are playing on the stage. But it doesn't mean we can't try to do it the right way. Riot gave us Flex q to practice playing as a team to make us ready for **Clash**. I really like this game. But the solo q environment is ruining it for me. So I would Love to kiss solo q goodbye, and start playing flex with the same group of people over and over again. People Who are in my level, and able to speak fluent English without an accent. I'm a low gold Support main on Eune. So if your solo q rank is around low gold and you can speak fluent English, and you are at least 25, add me in game and let's prepare for **CLASH**.
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