Club Apocalypse Recruiting Players

Aloha! As the title says we are looking for players that will join our squadron. * Club Name: Apocalypse * Club Tag: Chaos -This club was made 2 years ago as soon as clubs were launched. And its been active since then. Curently we count 30 people and i hope we will hit cap one day. Most of the people are active on daily basis. -Club chat is nuts from time to time, alot of fun and jokes and {{champion:24}}{{champion:35}}{{champion:48}} surprises (no spoilers) are happening. -Anyone can join, theres no limitations if you are chalenger or silver it doesnt matter. Everyone is welcome. Feel free to add me ingame if you are interested. IGN: Soni * There is only one rule in the club: Be nice to eachother.
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