LF SUPPORT [Solo/Duoq] Current Division:G IV[ME]

IGN:Vlad To Kill You Ranked:Solo/duoq Server:EUNE Role:ADC Main: Jinx,Miss fortune Nationality:Romanian Experience: Platinum last season, overall otp player with jinx with over 2000 games ranked. Looking for a support main who have at least 1000 games ranked into this role , some skill knowdledge to land good skills ,to be open to discuss with him , not toxic at all no mather of how the games is going . I am searching for support players because can't relay on strangers who play autofill or just are main support with experience lacks who have no knowdledge in positioning , i can help you with advices to be better support in case you want to improve your gameplay so we can win more many games , also i play for fun/wins , and i am up to play every game no mather of how hard it is. I have knowdledge to never give up , and always get back to track even if enemy top/mid/jungle is feeded i manage to play and always do my best to win the games using tactics , coordinating team , problem is that need someone with experience as support who can help me win early the bot lane so i can roam other lanes and make quick wins without too much effort ... If you intresting to help me leave a message to this post , i am not such soffisticate , and i can teach you as long as you wish to perform better and want to advance ranked. I have no EUW account so sorry for you guys ,guess you have to wait me to do lv 30 there ;))
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