Support main, LF duo partners (Gold II)

Kára - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
Kára / Gold 3 69LP / 74W 63L Win Ratio 54% / Zilean - 71W 58L Win Ratio 55%, Nautilus - 3W 6L Win Ratio 33%
Hello everyone, I'm a current Gold II support main. I'm looking for a person to play ranked games with, ADC would be preferable but every other lane will be as good. My main champions are Zilean and Nautilus (Yes, yes, I know, I'm not a meta player), my 2nd to best role is mid. I'd consider myself to be chill, I never rage unless I'm the first to get raged at and it makes me flip, and I'm the first to congratulate a good solo/teamwork play when it happens. My aim is to just get as high as possible in the ranks while having a person I can rely on and communicate with, since the anonymity and lack of communication in most games makes me quite sleepy/bored. My in-game name is Kára, feel free to send me a friend request over there and we'll set up a game whenever I'm free. Till then, have fun battling each other on the Rift! Posting my just in case you'd like to see my history before playing a ranked game with me.

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