In Effect is looking for a COACH

In Effect is a team consisting of Low-Mid Diamond players, who peaked at high diamond before, and we just recently rebuilt our team with 3 players knowing each other for a few years now. With finding a new Jungler and AD Carry we finalized our roster last month and now we are looking for a long-term COACH. We are usually practicing 2-3 times during the week in the evening + playing tournaments like Go4LoL or Clash on the weekend. Everybody in our team is willing to improve individually and as a team to reach our goals and win some more tournaments and go as high as we can. We are searching for a Coach, who can analyze our gameplay during scrims and give us feedback + planning picks and bans and ingame strategies. You should have experience in coaching or as an analyst before and be at least PLATINUM V in either SoloQ or FlexQ and be willing to take the time to watch our games and do Replay analysis with us. We have a Discord server and also a Google Sheet to help organize our goals for Solo and Team practice, to theorycraft outside of the game and to manage our schedule. We offer a friendly and competitive environment and although we are not aiming to become pro players, we are looking forward to achieve our goals and build a team on a longterm basis. If you are interested by now feel free to message me on League. My summoner name is "XDemi"

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