Ice Express "We got the Woow"

Kill #League of Legends | Captured by #Overwolf
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Summary, Small group of people playing together. Chill atmosphere based on on non toxic behavior. Age group around 25 (15-37). Activity often, depends on work schedule. We play almost every day. General member rank silver-platinum. Our goal is to create a small group (10-15) players to execute club activities/events. Theory crafting, Theme park games. Clash (maybe in 2099). Normies, Flex. To reach them we need more members :) Invitation period is limited. Ice Express " The couch coop modernized" Side professions club gained: M.D., Vet, Architects, VR and AR specialist, Gardner, Bank And Airplane Security Manager, Shoe Maker News: IE Art Event hits the ground 16.6.2019. Founder and Specialist in paperwork Amalun
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