Upcoming league looking for staff!

Hi everyone, we are a team of very motivated individuals and we want to create a league in EUW for teams to have an LCS like experience. Our long-term target is to become a league that produces talent for European Regional Leagues. If you are willing to be part of the staff team, here are the positions we are looking for (with a quick little description): - Organizer (keep people in check, make sure everything runs smoothly) - Head Admin (manage admin team, point of contact for players, work on competitive rulings (punishments for breaking the rules)). - Admin (manage te discord, enforce the ruleset, host Player Union meetings, collect feedback from players and possibly set up game lobbies). - Broadcaster (manage the stream and stream the matches (we allow for some self-promotion if you run a twitch channel or something like that)). - Casters (Cast the matches, both experienced and people just starting out are welcome, both Play-by-Play and Colour). - Content Creator (Create hype videos, highlights, power rankings etc.) (possibility for self-promotion) - Graphic Designer (Update and create small graphics things) If you have any questions or are interested in any of the positions above contact me via discord: PixelTrooper#8382

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